Track Title: Where Is My Mind

Artist: The Pixies

where is my mind — the pixies

People listen to music in different ways. I think the majority of people listen to the spirit of the song, the vibe of a song, before the meaning of the song. It can take a lifetime to really get what a song’s talking about. It happens to me still.” - Mark Foster

Photography by Daniel Cavazos
Photography by Daniel Cavazos
Track Title: Lisztomania

Artist: Phoenix

Album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

lisztomania // phoenix

so sentimental
not sentimental, no
romantic, not disgusting yet
darling, i’m down and lonely
when with the fortunate only
i’ve been looking for something else

♡ I  D O N T   N E E D   L I G H T,  I ’ M   M Y  O W N  S U N ♡
♡ I  D O N T   N E E D   L I G H T,  I ’ M   M Y  O W N  S U N 
Track Title: Stronger

Artist: Kanye West

Album: Graduation
Work it harder
Make it better
Do it faster
Make us stronger
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