when ur eating dinner at your friends house


and their parents start arguing


and you want to ask for the salt


but the salt is right in between their upcoming divorce



THIS MAYBE MY MY LAST GIVEAWAY, (I’m not 100% sure yet but I don’t have a lot of things atm That I want to give away)


- fuzzy white top shop sweater, small

- thrifted cute boho skirt, small

- American apparel white mesh skirt, x- small

- dark green and dark blue plaid topshop cloth overall (small)

- my old crossley record player I got I new one recently so I don’t need this one. It’s in perfect condition and it’s turquoise

- a vampire weekend album to go with the record player (perfect condition)

- vintage Polaroid camera has 5 films inside but really old and expired. If you take a picture it works although it’s black and white :)

- my old jean dress! I love it so much but I got a new one so yeah….x-small

- daisy print tank. it’s flowy but size is x-small although it can fit a medium


- must be following me on tumblr: www.rabbitsduh.tumblr.com

- Must be following me on Instagram : @rabbitcries

- I will check!

- after message me your Instagram on tumblr so I can verify that you have followed, then accept your request to join my giveaway

- re blogs count, and likes don’t

- winner will be announced on MAY 6th (my birthday :3) (eastern time)

- time I will announce winner will be told most likely the day before it ends

- I’m using a online generator to choose so it it fair and square c:

- winner will not be announced on my blog, but will be messaged

- thanks to my babe Leah for modelling

I’m happy to do a new giveaway with y’all!

Track Title: Love Fool

Artist: The Cardigans

Album: First Band On The Moon

Haim @ Brixton Academy, London - March 6th, 2014

Haim @ Brixton Academy, London - March 6th, 2014

Track Title: Reptilia

Artist: The Strokes

Album: Room On Fire

reptilia || the strokes

I said please don’t slow me down
if I’m going too fast
you’re in a strange part of our town

Track Title: Childhood's End

Artist: Majical Cloudz

Album: Impersonator

Majical Cloudz - “Childhood’s End”

Supermodel (2014)

Torches (2011)

"Do you get recognized?
Fab : I’m definitely anonymous. Walking around the mall, most people just look at me and say ‘man, those are really tight pants.’"
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